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As your organization grows, so does your reliance on the software you use, making it significantly more difficult to administrate roles within SAP. 

More users presents more security risks. JNC experts are here to work closely with you, optimizing complex organizational security processes and protocols, identifying areas of risk and mitigating them. 

By measuring your SAP maturity, we are able to tailor a security plan that broadly protects your organization from instances of both fraud and negligence. 

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User Management

Who can do what in your SAP software is controlled by user accounts and technical authorizations. 

Our experienced SAP security consultants will architect, blueprint restrictions and implement robust, dynamic and manageable authorization concepts. Our concepts can be tailored to meet your needs and are designed to reduce risk and reflect individual functions of business processes.

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This service includes (but is not limited to):
User provisioning

Creating, modifying or deleting SAP user accounts. Includes setup of user roles, passwords and other security parameters.


User authentication

Implement authentication mechanisms for users, including single sign-on or multi-factor authentication.


User audit and compliance

Ensure your user access is compliant with SAP regulatory requirements.

User administration

Creating, modifying, deleting, and managing user accounts and user groups.


User access optimization

Review and update user accounts on a regular basis, ensuring they are still active and have appropriate authorizations.

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Organizations often come to us when it has been discovered that their security setup is poorly optimized.

Do not delay! Security risks are always present, so being proactive is essential when looking to secure your environment from potential threats.

Many of our clients work with our SAP security experts to ensure things are safe, including:

  • SOX compliance
  • Risk prevention
  • Data protection
  • Remediation to prevent future security breaches

Many organizations find that they are not as secure as they thought.

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Roles Management

Roles allow you to assign authorizations to users in groups, streamlining SAP access and ensuring that only authorized users can access relevant areas of your SAP landscape.

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Our Roles Management service includes:
Role design and optimization

Design and optimize SAP roles to ensure user access is limited to necessary functions and data.

Role-based access control

Assist in implementing an RBAC system, defining user roles, authorizations and permissions based on job functions.

Role mining, analysis and reporting

Identify potential role conflicts or issues, aligning SAP systems with job responsibilities and business requirements. 


Role maintenance and cleanup

Keep SAP roles up-to-date, accurate and aligned with organizational requirements. Remove unnecessary roles to keep things tidy. 


Role management process design

Role creation, modification and removal. Ensure your role management processes are efficient and effective.

Role administration

Creating, modifying, deleting, and managing SAP roles and authorization profiles.

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