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SAP contracts and licenses are complex, especially for larger organizations. 

External audits can be intrusive, as SAP auditors diligently identify any areas of non-compliance.

If your software is incorrectly installed or you do not have sufficient licenses you may face an expensive settlement. Our seasoned consultants assist organizations in various scenarios:

  • Preparing for an imminent audit to ensure compliance.
  • Responding to audit notifications by preparing accordingly.
  • Receiving audit results indicating non-compliance and seeking advice on minimizing settlement fees.
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Our audit services

Audit Preparation

There are many reasons why SAP may choose to audit your organization. SAP’s aggressive audit practice aims to identify non-compliance and impose significant settlements. Being prepared is crucial to safeguard your business. Our audit preparation service ensures readiness. Our consultants enhance compliance and optimize licenses, mitigating potential non-compliance charges from SAP.

Audit Defense

At any stage of the audit process—whether you’ve received a notification, sent data, received feedback, or entered settlement negotiation—it is never too late to enlist a JNC expert. We will support you throughout, identifying financial risks, clarifying license requirements, and aiding in direct negotiations with SAP. As independent consultants, we offer 100% impartial advice, always prioritizing your best interests.

When do you need

SAP licence audit defense?

Audit consultancy is crucial in various scenarios.

Clients often seek our assistance upon receiving an audit notification, unsure of the next steps. Others approach us after facing accusations of non-compliance, whether valid or not.

If you are uncertain about your next move, reach out to our SAP license specialists. We are here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your organization.

Our consultants:

  • Can suggest strategies to potentially delay your audit, allowing time for thorough preparation
  • Can provide 100% independent advice with no ties to software providers or resellers
  • Can minimize financial risk by reducing non-compliance as much as possible
  • Will support your journey to compliance before SAP can audit you
  • Will defend against SAP audit claims and assist with negotiation during the audit or settlements

Many organizations find that they are not as compliant as they first thought.

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What we do

Protecting your organization from audits

The JNC team has developed a unique, proven process over decades to defend against SAP audits. Here’s how we protect your organization both now and in the future:

Gain from audit defense support
2. Contracts review

Our independent experts will carefully atudy all your SAP contracts, creating a comprehensive view of your current entitlements. We will identify any terms and conditions that could form a successful counterargument as part of your defense strategy.

3. Usage evaluation

By employing advanced license measurement tools and techniques, we can clearly outline your actual software usage. When combined with our previous reviews, this enables us to refute any incorrect allegations of non-compliance.

4. Active remedies

If any of our clients’ systems are found to be causing non-compliance concerns, we will take proactive steps to address and rectify these issues. Our goal is to mitigate the problems and ensure they do not recur in the future.

5. Write defense case

Your defense case is unique and will be tailored to you based on comprehensive reviews and your decision to defend against all, some, or none of the claims against you. We will map out your target outcomes, including a risk assessment, usage evaluation outcomes, negotiation strategies, contract review outcomes, and a tailored response strategy.

1. Claim review

We will scrutinize the conditions SAP is relying on to support their claim, identifying alleged license breaches. Additionally, we will establish the basis of your defense by gathering all relevant data and contractual terms.

Strategic Audit Defense and License Optimization for Prominent Fashion Company

Latest Insights

Case Study

IndigoFusion sought JNC’s expertise to navigate the complexities of their SAP audit and reduce the financial burden of the compliance fees. They had already committed to an S/4HANA Cloud contract and were in the midst of migration when SAP audited their on-premise systems. The audit findings included $26 million in scope, leading the client to seek JNC’s help to contest and mitigate these claims.

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