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The use of SAP software via third-party systems interfaced to SAP is known as indirect access or digital access.

SAP contracts are not always clear, meaning that some organizations are left unaware that this type of usage may need to be licensed. When audited, SAP will identify these third-party integrations as non-compliant, resulting in significant (and often unexpected) fees.

Our primary goal is to identify and mitigate any risks before SAP bring them up during an audit. We will advise on any SAP audit claims and support with your engagement and negotiation strategy.

  • Address and dismantle SAP indirect access claims
  • Aim to significantly or fully reduce any settlements
  • Consultants with experience working on indirect and digital access cases with six to nine figures
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When do you need SAP indirect access consultancy?

If you are unsure about indirect access, we can help advise on your exposure and defend from an SAP audit. 

We can also review the digital access licensing model and advise on whether it is the right one for your organization.

Our clients are:

  • Organizations who are worried about their indirect access exposure
  • Customers who are being audited by SAP, but who are unclear on the auditor’s conclusions
  • Customers who are considering the move to digital access
  • Customers who want more clarity on their digital access usage (and how they can optimize)
  • Customers wanting to understand how migrating to the cloud or S/4HANA will affect both indirect and direct access
SAP Access Services

SAP Indirect Access

Indirect access refers to any users who access the SAP system through third-party software. This is not measurable by tools and is often a hidden area of non compliance. Every company has third-party tools accessing their SAP system, our service helps you identify where there is a need for SAP licenses, and ways to potentially reduce your indirect access exposure.

We can support in the purchasing of potential licenses and the identification of the potential reduction in any risk.

All advice is tailored to your organizational needs. By understanding your unique software architecture, we’re able to deliver a clear picture of your indirect access.

SAP Digital Access

In 2018 SAP introduced digital access as an alternative licensing model to indirect access. The intent was to offer customers a more measurable way to license indirect access.

Digital access refers to documents that are indirectly created in the SAP system This is commonly documents that are created by third-party systems and then sent to SAP.

Many customers license this use via indirect access, but digital access can be cheaper, and is easier to measure, meaning that SAP customers can more easily keep on top of their compliance.

Our service identifies whether this licensing model is the right one for your organization. We will consider both indirect and digital access models, making recommendations on which is the most commercially advantageous for your organization. Alternatively, if you already have digital access, we can help to accurately measure your usage.

Many companies find that they are not as compliant as they thought.

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Indirect Access & Digital Access

Our Process

Optimize your SAP environment
License Management - The process
Contract review

We will review all of your SAP contracts, order forms, master agreement, etc., allowing us to identify what licenses you currently have, and if there is any customer-specific T&Cs that we need to be aware of. 

This allows us to tailor our support and advice, identifying whether your indirect access usage is covered by existing licenses. 

Identifying actual usage (indirect access)

For each of your third-party systems, we will map out what data is going to SAP, and what data is coming from SAP. 

It is crucial that we understand exactly how this is happening. It is our goal to take as little of your time up as possible. We will issue a questionnaire and follow-up workshop (only if required), helping you reduce your resource spend.

We will also have a look at your Named User usage, and will produce a report detailing all your indirect usage and direct usage, and any mitigation strategies that you can employ. 

Identifying actual usage (digital access)

This step starts with SAP’s standard tooling. You deploy the tool, we help you to run it, ensuring that we get a comprehensive view over your systems, helping us create an accurate representation of your organization. 

The tool provides us with documents in your SAP system, both those made directly in SAP, and those created externally. We will then identify whether your documents were created by a licensed or unlicensed user, categorising them and ensuring that all data gathered is accurate.

We achieve this using our questionnaire (and potential workshop). Designed to take only a small amount of time, our questionnaire helps us produce a report with the number of documents required, and the most efficient way for you to purchase any required licenses, taking into account surplus software, standard SAP commercial models and price tiers. 

If you require a comparison between both indirect and direct access, we can calculate the price comparison and also provide you with a tailored list of pros and cons of moving from indirect to digital based on your organizational requirements

Commercial stage

Should a purchase of licenses be required, our specialists can help you negotiate with SAP.

We have extensive experience negotiating with SAP. We bring together an understanding of your organization, and an understanding of what SAP want to achieve through their negotiations. In addition, we can help identify licenses that you may not have, but could be more efficient to buy based on your circumstances.

This allows us to create a tailored strategy designed to make the most out of any negotiations and ensure that you get the optimal deal that best suits your organization’s commercial objectives. 

Ongoing support

Our managed service option allows you to outsource key SAP management activities to our team of expert consultants. 

Completely alleviate any SAP licensing headaches, especially those in indirect and direct access. 

Rely on our trusted suite of in-house tools and expertise, meaning that you never have to worry about your compliance again. 


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