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We are proud to partner with ITAA, an alliance of world-leading software license management, global technology advisory and commercial experts, who provide clear solutions to complex business challenges.

As industry leaders, ITAA consolidates independent specialist capabilities across major software publishers including SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft and JNC lead the SAP expertise. In their capacity as a comprehensive solution provider, ITAA’s commitment is to ensure clients have seamless access to subject matter experts delivering tangible, achievable project outcomes of the highest quality.

The company boasts over 20 seasoned professionals, most of whom JNC have collaborated with for over a decade. Divisional heads are autonomous industry experts, who have worked for or on behalf of the respective software publisher they consult on, and each is a true specialist in their field. This extensive, first hand and real-world knowledge ensures ITAA’s specialists truly understand and possess the vast technical skillset and business acumen to optimize IT environments, save costs and mitigate compliance risks.

ITAA only employs and partners with leading global software advisors and commercial experts who can provide knowledge and insights to help clients navigate the complex world of software licensing and IT procurement with confidence. The advice provided draws on extensive cutting-edge experience and shared learnings based on years of client engagements.

ITAA assists clients in a variety of services, including but not limited to:

1. Risk Management & Compliance
2. IT Procurement Support
3. Strategic Planning & Advisory Services

Their clientele encompasses multinationals, government agencies, and non-profits worldwide. As independent advisors, they form strategic partnerships with their customers and always prioritize their objectives. The relationships cultivated by ITAA are built on confidentiality, trust, and proven results. They have assisted renowned global brands in maintaining integrity by resolving non-compliance claims, averting unforeseen costs, and safeguarding reputations. Confidentiality remains paramount in ITAA’s partnerships, and clients trust the company implicitly as an unwaveringly reliable partner.


The UK & Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG) is a not-for-profit independent membership organisation for all users of SAP software, and is funded and run by members, for the benefit of members. The focus of UKISUG is to help members learn from, network and collaborate with each other, SAP experts, SAP partners and the whole SAP community, as well as providing an independent channel through which to influence SAP.


SAM Charter

SAM Charter is an internationally recognized consultancy in enterprise-wide Software and IT Asset Management. Founded in 2012, SAM Charter is an industry leader in SAM/ITAM process engineering, uniquely poised to ensure your IT and SAM systems are aligned to your business requirements. We build world-class ITAM/SAM Frameworks that sit around Software Asset Management software, ensuring the very best results can be derived from the SAM suite aiding in IT operational and strategic decision-making.

SAM Charter processes are underpinned by cutting-edge BPMN techniques, clearly conveying the message of what activities need to be carried out by whom, with what resources and when. Additionally, all SAM Charter services are ISO/IEC 19770-1: 2017 aligned, reflecting IT industry best practices. We are one of the few Software Asset Management practices that is tool/vendor agnostic, allowing us to make truly independent recommendations in our clients’ best interests.


Our SAP services

Browse our specialised SAP services. 

Built to accommodate organizations with extensive SAP usage, our experts are on hand to ensure you are getting the best value for money from your SAP environment. 

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Our services
SAP Licensing

Ensure ongoing compliance with your SAP license, optimize your environment, protect your organization against audits or get help with S/4HANA transformation.

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SAP Commercial

Our commercial team are here to help you negotiate directly with SAP. Enter negotiations with an expert in your corner, guaranteeing your new contract is what is best for your business.

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SAP Security & User Management

Identify any security vulnerabilities in your SAP landscape, helping you to mitigate against risk (fraud and negligence) and manage GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) implementation.

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Managed Services

Outsource key activities to JNC’s team of SAP consultants. Benefit from having experienced SAP experts manage and benchmark your SAP environment, fully tailored to your unique needs.

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