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Purchasing SAP cloud software can be challenging, especially with SAP’s nuanced discounting system compared to on-premise solutions. Unlike flat discounts for on-premise purchases, SAP discounts vary per product in cloud contracts, making negotiations intricate. Moreover, SAP may alter licensing models, potentially impacting previous purchases.

Many businesses grapple with precisely identifying their licensing requirements and utilization as SAP shifts to prioritize cloud-based solutions. JNC excels in demystifying SAP’s complex licensing structure, offering contract comparison services and helping to develop cost -effective cloud agreements. Furthermore, we guide our clients through the negotiation of new contracts during the total overhaul of the licensing framework, making certain that each detail is meticulously assessed and strategically planned to maximize investments and meet business objectives.

We provide customized support to guide you through these complexities, so reach out to us and allow our specialists to enhance your in-house team.

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SAP Cloud Services

When do you need SAP cloud services

Many things can affect when you might need cloud contractual or licensing support. Whether you are transitioning to cloud-based systems or trying to understand intricate licensing models, companies often require expert guidance.

Our SAP cloud contractual and licensing support services offer assistance in negotiating contracts, optimizing investments, and ensuring smooth transitions. Let us help you navigate the cloud landscape with confidence and maximize the value of your SAP investments.

  • Ensure your SAP contracts are structured to serve your best interests
  • Identify all cost-saving opportunities available to your organization
  • Future-proof your agreement by considering your current needs as well as short, medium, and long-term requirements
  • Provide you with greater control over your negotiations
  • Benchmark contracts and identify true license requirements, facilitating commercially advantageous purchases

SAP Cloud Renewals

Do you have an upcoming SAP cloud renewal? We appreciate that they can be daunting, especially when negotiating terms and determining the right number of licenses required.

Our consultants specialize in navigating the complexities of SAP cloud contracts, ensuring confidence in your renewal process. We meticulously review your current contract, aligning it with actual software usage to provide tailored advice on renegotiation or updates.

Renew your licenses with confidence, securing the optimal number of cloud licenses at a competitive price for both present and future needs.

SAP Discount Benchmarking

We can compare the deal that SAP is offering you to market rates, tailored to your size, industry, and unique circumstances. Using our extensive knowledge of SAP products, we can benchmark any proposals from SAP against the wider market.

This will determine whether you are receiving a market-competitive deal, and if not, provide you with clear guidance for negotiations.


Is your SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud contract up for renewal? RISE with SAP is a program designed to help customers transition from ERP to S/4HANA Cloud, private edition including licensing support.

Understanding the daunting complexity of negotiating terms and establishing accurate licensing needs, our consultants specialize in navigating the intricacies of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud contracts. At JNC, we assess whether your current RISE contract aligns with your business requirements and recommend suitable changes for renegotiation. We painstakingly review your current contract, align it with actual software usage, and provide tailored advice on renegotiation or updates.

If you are unsure about the value of a RISE offer from SAP, our team offers expert guidance to help you secure the best deal. Renew your licenses confidently, acquiring the exact cloud licenses you need at a fair cost for both current and future needs.


Is your SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud contract up for renewal? SAP has revised its Public Cloud offering numerous times over the past few years and JNC recognize that term negotiation and specific license quantification can be a challenging task.

GROW with SAP is a program designed to help customers adopt S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and includes licensing support. While this program benefits some organizations, it may not suit your needs. JNC is well-positioned to explain the current licensing model and its impact on your contracts, helping you assess if GROW is still optimal for your business or if your renewal requires significant renegotiation. Scrupulously reviewing your current contract, we align it with actual software usage to provide personalized advice on renegotiation or updates.

Renew your licenses, safe in the knowledge that you will be acquiring the exact number of cloud licenses you require at a fair cost, catering to both your current and future needs.

Many organizations face challenges in understanding the intricacies of SAP's cloud licensing model due to the lack of specialized tools and expert knowledge available to them.

Book an initial consultation with one of our SAP experts for impartial advice on your SAP cloud landscape. 

Our Process

How we can help

Navigating the complexities of negotiating with SAP requires a structured and strategic approach. Our process ensures you achieve the most advantageous terms while aligning with your specific goals.

Step 2: Know your landscape

Next, we analyze your existing contracts and usage to understand your current setup and previous discounts based on the circumstances at the time of purchase. We assess your past and present leverage to determine its impact on the negotiation outcome. This thorough assessment enables us to identify areas for improvement and tailor our strategy to your advantage.

Step 3: Cost Models & Benchmarking

In this step, we utilize the insights from Step 2 to develop a cost model for your new contract, reflecting your leverage and current situation. We align this model with your goals to ensure it meets your objectives. Additionally, we benchmark your potential contract against market rates, taking your unique circumstances into account, to secure the most advantageous terms possible.

Step 4: Negotiation Preparation

Step 4 involves developing a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals based in all the insights gathered so far.
We map out where you have leverage and how to most effectively use it. We also anticipate potential outcomes and SAP’s responses to ensure you are well-prepared for every scenario. This strategic preparation positions you for a successful negotiation.

Step 5: Negotiation Support

We assist you in negotiating with SAP while maintaining a positive vendor relationship. Acting as advisors, we help execute your strategy, review proposals, and respond to SAP. Our support can be as in-depth or hands-off as you prefer, from offering advice to drafting emails and running call preparation workshops.

Step 1: Understand your goals

In this initial stage, we aim to understand your negotiation objectives. Are you seeking improved contractual clauses, future flexibility, cost reductions, or increased volume while maintaining costs? We focus on identifying what constitutes a successful outcome for you to ensure our approach aligns with your specific needs.