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Budgeting and controlling license costs and SAP security can be complex, with numerous hazards. Our managed service integrates all the key management components to control licensing costs, ensure and maintain compliance, and maximize SAP agreement value.

As SAP products and licensing models evolve continuously, it’s challenging for customers to stay apprized. We provide guidance through digital transformations and ongoing SAP license challenges, becoming an extension of your team, enriching your skill set, and prioritizing your interests.

Our services cater specifically to SAP customers, available on a managed (ongoing) or project (short-term) basis. Our customized approach, founded on extensive SAP experience, sets the standard for SAP license management.

Whether you require support for an upcoming SAP project or seek ongoing SAP expertise, we’re here to assist you throughout your SAP journey.

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When do you need SAP managed services?

SAP is one of the most complex software license vendors, posing challenges for organizations lacking in-house expertise to navigate its ever-evolving requirements. Engaging ad-hoc consultants may lead to gaps in the specialized knowledge needed to offer optimal advice within customer organizations.

By entrusting critical SAP license management responsibilities to JNC, you gain ongoing access to our expertise precisely when you need it.

This can help you:

  • Ensure ongoing compliance
  • Regularly optimize your SAP estate
  • Continue managing your organization’s specific SAP needs, even as internal resources change
  • Prevent repercussions from a lack of SAP knowledge
  • Guarantee access to SAP experts at all times
  • Protect your SAP environment from security threats
SAP license management services

SAP Service Desk

Access SAP license and security experts effortlessly through our ongoing advisory service desk. Our experts are available to answer your questions and offer tailored advice whenever you need it.

Since we already understand your organization, we can customize our responses to your unique scenario with minimal onboarding required.

Hybrid Managed Services

Access one or more of our services whenever you require them, with unlimited support throughout your contract. Effectively monitor and manage your SAP licenses.

Effectively monitor and manage your SAP licenses. Our continuous partnership enables us to swiftly adjust to any significant changes in your licensing environment, minimizing costs and ensuring sustained compliance.

Complete Managed Services

Unlimited access to any service line offered by JNC, as and when required.

By fostering a close buisness relationship, you can rest assured that JNC specialists will be available to assist with any SAP licensing, contract management, security, or commercial concerns.

You will have access to our entire team of experts who understand your organizational needs and are dedicated to enhancing the value derived from your ongoing SAP utilization.

Tailored Service

We are able to offer a bespoke package to suit your organisations individual needs.

Many organizations lack internal resources for effective SAP license management.

Engaging JNC can mitigate risks of non-compliance and reduce costs. Book an initial consultation with one of our SAP experts to learn more about our managed services.

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